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Due Thursday July 7th

Chapters 8-9

1. How does Hassan act in the weeks following the kite fighting tournament?
2. Describe Amir's relationship with his father after winning the tournament.
3. What did Amir say as he lay awake in the room of sleeping relatives in Jalalabad?
4. How does Hassan try to rekindle his relationship with Amir?
5. Amir and his father are enjoying their new relationship until Amir asks him a question
that angers him. What is this question?
6. What occurs between Amir and Hassan at the top of the hill in the cemetery?
7. Describe Amir's birthday party.
8. Why does Amir get so angry when his father refers to Assef as Assef jan?
9. What gift does Assef give Amir for his birthday?
10. What story does Rahim tell Amir on his birthday?
11. What do Hassan and Ali give Amir for his birthday?
12. What does Amir do to get Ali and Hassan in trouble?
13. How does Amir's father react when Ali quits?

Chapters 10-11

1. What is Karim's job?
2. To what country do Amir and his father first seek for safety from Afghanistan?
3. What country has a presence in Afghanistan as Amir and his father leave?
4. At the first checkpoint Amir's father stands up and confronts the Russian soldiers,
putting himself in danger. Why?
5. Where do Amir and his father wait with the others trying to leave Afghanistan as new
truck parts are ordered?
6. Amir listens to his father speak with Kamal's father. What does he say happened to
7. How do Amir and his father travel on the second leg of their trip to safety?
8. When Amir's father tries to use a check to purchase food, he is shocked that he is asked for
ID. He can't believe the lack of trust in America. Instead of a credit card, what method
did they use in Afghanistan?
9. How does Amir's father react when he is given food stamps?
10. What does Amir do that prompts his father to tell him he is proud of his son?
11. Why does Amir's father buy an old Volkswagon bus?
12. What does Amir have a hard time forgetting about after leaving the flea market?
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Chapters 12-13

1. What harm can come from Amir talking to Soraya without the formal permission and
supervision from her father?
2. What does Soraya's mother think of Amir's talking to her daughter without permission?
3. What does Soraya want to do with her life?
4. Compare and contrast how Amir and Soraya treated their illiterate servants when they
were young.
5. What does General Taheri catch Amir giving to Soraya?
6. What does Amir find out about Baba's health?
7. What one last request does Amir have for his father after he is released from the
8. What does Soraya confess to Amir?
9. Who does Amir wish was present at his wedding? Who does he wonder about at his
10. What does Soraya do while Amir is at work when they are first married?
11. What is Soraya's mother not allowed to ever do in public by orders of her husband?
12. What great accomplishment happens in regards to Amir's career?
13. What do Amir and Soraya try desperately to do, but are unsuccessful?


Blogger Zsalinas7 said...

Working on a study guide like we did for Smoke Signals helped me in various ways, because I felt it kept me organized and on track with the story, not to say it helped me as an outline for my paper.

2:09 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

Study guides are very helpful because you can look back on them to help you write your paper.

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