Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 3

English 75 Summer 2010 Day 3
1.      By the end of the day:
a.       Names and Faces
b.      Finding, Narrowing and Exploring Your Topic
c.       First Essay Assignment (and second, sort of)
d.      The Hero’s Journey, detailed notes.
e.       Gawain the Green Knight’s Journey
2.      Chapter Three Review questions and notes.
3.      Review from yesterday:
                                                              i.      Read Actively
                                                            ii.      What is the author’s main point?
                                                          iii.      How does he or she support that point?
                                                          iv.      Read Critically
4.      Finding, Narrowing and Exploring Your Topic
a.       Questions for a good topic.
                                                              i.      Does it interest me?
                                                            ii.      Do I know something about it?
                                                          iii.      Can I get involved with some part of it?
                                                          iv.      Is the topic specific enough?
1.      Practice 1:  My topic:___________
b.      Practice narrowing a topic
                                                              i.      Divide in categories
                                                            ii.      examples from your life
                                                          iii.      current events
1.      Practice 2:  My narrowed topic:________________
c.       Practice exploring your topic
                                                              i.      Freewriting
                                                            ii.      Listing
                                                          iii.      Discussing
                                                          iv.      Clustering
                                                            v.      Internet
                                                          vi.      Journal
5.      Break
6.      Hero’s Journey Notes.
7.      Gawain the Green Knight—story and “Understanding” worksheet.
8.      Study Guide for Chapters 1-4 of TKR. (try to have first chapter read tonight)


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Nice way to remember names by taking a picture. I believe it helped to learned the names.

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