Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 2

English 75 Summer 2010 Day 2
Hand in homework on Rites of Passage.  Be sure your name is on it.
1.      By the end of the day:
a.       Reading Basics
b.      The Hero’s Journey
2.     Review of Yesterday: RitualsReal Writing: Reading Basics
  • Any regular activity done in a set pattern can be ritualistic
  • Rituals and ritualizing tell us how to relate to and give meaning to experience.
  • We all ritualize, though we may not recognize it.
  • Many rituals aid or guide life's transitions.
  • The Rite of Passage is an essential step for growth for individuals and communities.
  • The Rite of Passage has three stages: Separation, Initiation and Return.

a.       Chapter 2: Reading Basics (22-28)
                                                              i.      Read Actively
                                                            ii.      What is the author’s main point?
1.       Practice 1
                                                          iii.      How does he or she support that point?
1.       Practice 2
                                                          iv.      Read Actively Practice 3
                                                            v.      Read Critically
1.       Practice 5
3.   Overview of the class.
  1. What makes a hero? (in packet)
  2. Hero's Journey Overview
  3. Hero's Journey, step by step.
4.      Homework: Chapter 3: Writing Basics (35-47)
a.       Read Understanding Audience and Purpose
                                                              i.      Practice 1
b.      Read Understand paragraph and essay form
c.       Read Understand the writing process
d.      Read Understand Grading Criteria
e.       Read Paragraph 1, 2 and 3 Analyzing the Paragraph
                                                              i.      Practice 6
f.        Chapter Review
5.      Buy: Real Writing, The Kite Runner and Smoke Signals.
6.      Read HJ Packet “The Heroic Journey” 49-52
7.      Begin reading The Kite Runner for Monday—I’ll hand out study guide for the first 34 pages tomorrow that will be due Monday.


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I enjoyed learning about the Hero's Journey, step by step because I never knew it.

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