Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 1

English 75 Summer 2010 Day 1
1.      By the end of the day:
a.       Rituals:  Modern v. Traditional
b.      Rites of Passage
2.      What is your morning ritual?
a.       Why do you do things this way?
a.       Traditional/“Primitive” v. Modern rituals
b.      What’s missing from modern rituals?
4.      What is the meaning of an experience?
a.       For example, First Day of Class or Summer Solstice?
                                                              i.      Polysemous.
                                                            ii.      How does a culture stick together this way?
5.      Rituals and Rites of Passage
a.       What is a ritual?
                                                              i.      Any regular activity done in a set pattern can be ritualistic.
1.      Other examples?  Greeting friends, performance, dress, athletics, getting ready to go out.
2.      How do rituals help?
b.      Why do we ritualize?
                                                              i.      Tell us how to relate to and give meaning to experience.
                                                            ii.      We all ritualize, some may not recognize it.
                                                          iii.      Aid or guide life’s transitions.
      6.      Rites of Passage
a.       Modern?  21ers/Driver’s Licence/Teams/Graduations/Gangs/Religious/
7.      Read Rituals and Rites of Passage.
8.      Specifically, Rites of Passage
a.       growth of individuals and communities.
b.      Examples of traditional and modern rites or passage.
9.      Review.
10.  The summer: 
          Smoke Signals--the rites of passage in three steps.
          The Kite Runner--the hero's journey in eight steps.
          Your hero's journey--creative writing.
          Grammar skills, essay skills, college skills.

11. Photographs.
12.  Buy: Real Writing, The Kite Runner and Smoke Signals.


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