Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smoke Signals Study Guide

Smoke Signals Study Guide Name:

1. The first time we see Arnold Joseph, he says he's magic. What kind of magic is he talking about?

2. Why does Arlene Joseph make Victor promise he'll come back?

3. What are Victor's 3 conditions for accepting Thomas's money for the trip?

4. Thomas tells a story about Arnold Joseph as a way of payment to Velma and Lucy. What does the story tell us about Arnold?

5. Victor tells Thomas, Just remember…You can't trust anybody. Why does he say this?

6. Thomas tells Victor a story about a dream that told him to go to Spokane Falls. He says he was waiting for a vision. What was that vision and what does it tell us about Arnold Joseph?

7. Why does Arnold Joseph go?

8. Why doesn't he explain this to Victor?

9. Arlene Joseph says Arnold is magic, too. What does she mean by this?

10. According to Victor, what does it mean to be a "real Indian"?

11. What does Thomas's monologue about traveling have to do with the lesson Victor needs to learn?

12. What is the significance of Victor's refusal to take his father's ashes from Susy when they arrive.

13. Thomas says Arlene was magic, too. What biblical story is adapted by Thomas to demonstrate her magic? What kind of magic does Arlene have?

14. Why did Susy Song come to Arizona? (in screen play)

15. Why did Arnold come to Arizona?

16. What's the most evil thing Arnold Joseph ever done?

17. What does Arnold's basketball story tell us about him?

18. Susy says Arnold was a magician. What does she mean?

19. What attracted Susy to Arnold?

20. What secrets does Susy keep?

21. Why does Victor cut his hair?

22. What are the two kinds of people in the world, according to Susy Song? (in screen play)

23. What evidence do we see of Victor's transformation after the photo is found? (in screen play)

24. What evidence do we see that he has not completed his transformation?

25. Who's fault is the accident?

26. During his race for help, Victor has a vision. Describe that vision:

27. What were the "two wrecks last night"?

28. What was Thomas right about?

29. What is his mother's reaction?

30. Is the ceremony at the river like a salmon or like cleaning out the attic?


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