Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 4

English 75 Summer 2010 Day 4
1.     By the end of the day:

a.       The Hero’s Journey, detailed notes.
b.      Gawain the Green Knight’s Journey.
c.       Finding, Narrowing and Exploring Your Topic
d.      First Essay Assignment.
e.       Third Essay Assignment.
f.        Practice exploring your topic

2.     Study Guide for Chapters 1-4 of TKR. (try to have second chapter read tonight)  DUE MONDAY.
 3.     Names Quiz MONDAY
4.      Hero’s Journey Notes.
5.      Gawain the Green Knight—story and “Understanding” worksheet.

6.      Hero’s Journey Notes.
7.      Try it with a movie you’ve seen. (not Star Wars or Lion King).
8.      Gawain the Green Knight—story and “Understanding” worksheet.
9.      Break
  1. Essay 1 Assignment
  2. Essay 3 Assignment and Finding and Narrowing Your Topic
  3. The writing process.
    1. Generate Ideas
    2. Plan
    3. Draft
    4. Revise
    5. Edit/Proofread
    6. Final Draft
    7. Present/Publish
Personal Experience
    1. Rites of passage? When did you know you were an adult? (or not a child…)
    2. Road trips.
    3. Vacations.
    4. Moves.
    5. Hikes.
    6. Camps.
    7. How did you arrive in Yakima?
    8. Illness/injury.
    9. Accidents.
    10. Addiction.
    11. Depression/psychological.
    12. Divorce/relationship.
    13. Friendships.
    14. Moments of sudden growth
Observation (Second hand experiences)
    1. How did your family arrive in Yakima?
    2. Grandparents/parents/siblings/relatives/friends.
    3. Where have you been a mentor/helper to another’s journey?
    1. Invent your own hero.
    2. Use a character from SS or TKR:  Follow Arnold’s journey.  What happens to Suzy?  How about Rahim? or Farid?


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