Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 16

English 75 Summer 2011 Day 16

  1. The Call Refused
    1. Read aloud in class.
    2. Minos as Homework.
  2. TKR Illustrated:  An image, a quote (with page number) and a title for each scene.
    1. The Call
    2. The Threshold
    3. The Revelation
    4. The Abyss
    5. The Final Battle
    6. The Return
    7. The Gift

  1. Essay three: Your Hero’s Journey Narrative

    1. Time
                                          i.    Year
                                         ii.    Season
                                        iii.    Month
                                       iv.    Day of Week
                                        v.    Time of Day
                                       vi.    General Era

    1. Place (physical environment)
                                          i.    Country
                                         ii.    State
                                        iii.    City
                                       iv.    Landscape
                                        v.    Climate
                                       vi.    House
                                      vii.    Yard/Surroundings

  1. Homework: Read TKR 25. Study Guide handed out tomorrow, due Wednesday.
  2. Minos as Homework.
  3. Rough Drafts due Monday.


Blogger Zsalinas7 said...

This upcoming essay seems to be a bit more complicated than the first one but seems it will be more organized.

2:37 PM

Blogger Carly said...

This essay to me was harder and more work.

2:38 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

This essay reminded me of our first one. The only diffences you had to explain more and it was longer.


10:13 PM


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