Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 14

English 75 Summer 2011 Day 14

  1. Hand in study guide over 18-20. 
2.       Hand in Real Writing, Apostrophes 574-580
a.       Do practice 1, 2, 3, 5 and chapter review.
  1. Hero’s Journey—So far in the cycle.
  2. For today in the lab:
    1. Write the headings down for The Call, The Threshold, The Helpers/Mentors, The Challenges/Temptations and the Revelation.
    2. Then, under each heading, write an “Exploratory” draft of how you see TKR fitting into this pattern.  Do this in your own words.
    3. Then, see if you can add several quotes (quotes here means not only what’s spoken, but anything written in TKR) for each heading.
    4. Finally, if there’s still time, type in the definition for each step in the hero’s journey from your packet on the archetype by Harris and Thompson.
  3. Homework: Read TKR 21-24.  Quiz Monday.  This is another big chunk of pages, but they are “page turners”.


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