Thursday, July 07, 2011

Day 10

English 75 Summer 2011  Day 10

1. Hand in TKR study guide.  Chapters 14-17 Quiz next Tuesday.

2. MLA Style:  Page 300 in Real Writing
a. in text citations—there’s a bit of a tricky part here with the screenplay.
If you are quoting both dialogue and stage directions, use “xxx” to start and end the quote and use ‘xxx’ for dialogue within the quote.

b. Also, if your ONLY source is the screenplay, you do not need to continue to include Alexie in the parenthesis or the signal phrases.

MLA paper format.

Works cited page

  1. Works Cited Page
    1. Film
                                                               i.      Smoke Signals
                                                             ii.      Directed by Chris Eyre
                                                            iii.      Adam Beach, Evan Adams, Irene Bedard
                                                           iv.      Miramax
                                                             v.      1998
                                                           vi.      DVD
    1. Book
                                                               i.      The Hero’s Journey: A Guide to Literature and Life
                                                             ii.      Reg Harris and Susan Thompson
                                                            iii.      Harris Communication
                                                           iv.      Napa, California
                                                             v.      Copyright 2005
Motion Picture (view detail)
Provide the title of the film, the director, the film's distribution company, and the year of release. Between the title and the distributor you may also list other parties that are relevant to your paper or that will help with identification of the film, including screenwriters, actors, producers, etc.

Final Drafts Due Monday—Bring essay printed and stapled.  Bring copy of your introduction and conclusion.


Blogger Armando Leyva said...

Thanks. This really helped me out. I didnt know how to do a workcited page.

8:21 PM

Blogger Zsalinas7 said...

This is a diffrent format for the work cited page but I will make sure to do it for my next essay if it turns out to be the same.

2:44 PM


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