Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 8

English 75 Summer 2010 Day 8
  1. TKR quiz 5-7.
  2. Homework: TKR chapters 8-13 with study guide-due next thursday.  This is not something to put off.  Here’s a real challenge/temptation along your summer quarter hero’s journey.
  3. Homework part two: Four copies of rough draft of Smoke Signals Essay, due Wednesday.  20 points, grade on completion, not quality.  3 pages plus= 20 points.
  4. Powerpoint on Smoke Signals Organization.
  5. Time to write.
  6. Bonus point opportunity:  750 words= +5 pts.
  7. Also, hand in what you get done today if you’d like comments on it.
    1. I won’t have time to comment on the rough drafts, but will meet with your to discuss if you make the time to come in Wednesday or Thursday after class.


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