Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some current news on Afghanistan

The President's Speech and a positive reaction from a conservative blogger.

A much longer reaction from the New Yorker magazine--maybe a more liberal view?

Kabul Hotel Attack video (just happened).

From Al Jazeera English network coverage of the attack.

Finally, diplomacy in place of guns?


Blogger RyRog26 said...

This story from Al Jazeera proves that the Taliban is alive and well unfortunately. On a side note, Al Jazeera has been criticized for being sympathetic at times toward Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

10:42 AM

Blogger A Legend said...

wow man the afghans really must believe that 40 virgins are awaiting their arrival after their demise. They have some big cojones but still what they do like bombing and killing innocent people is not right man, not at all!

10:32 PM


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