Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 17

English 75 Summer 2011 Day 17

  1. The Call Refused: Minos Homework
  2. TKR Chapter 25 Study Guide due.
  3. Rough Drafts due Monday—we’ll work on works cited and transitions next week, too.  But if you’re in a hurry:
    1. Book
                                                               i.      The Hero’s Journey: A Guide to Literature and Life
                                                             ii.      Reg Harris and Susan Thompson
                                                            iii.      Harris Communication
                                                           iv.      Napa, California
                                                             v.      Copyright 2005
  1. Intros, Conclusions and titles.
    1. Real Writing pg 95-96--Intros
    2. 97-99—Conclusions
    3. 99-100—Titles
  2. Outline of entire essay
    1. Introduction
                                                               i.      Hook
                                                             ii.      Name book and author
                                                            iii.      Brief summary of the plot *who/where.
                                                           iv.      Thesis statement
1.       The most basic would be either:
a.       TKR fits the hero’s journey archetype.
2.       A bit more advanced:
a.       Amir goes from X to Y (like thesis for Smoke Signals) by following the hero’s journey
3.       Or
a.       TKR fits the hero’s journey archetype, but has several distinct differences.

    1. Body paragraphs should define the step of the journey and then show how TKR fits (or doesn’t fit) the definition.

                                                               i.      According to Harris and Thompson, the hero is “called to adventure”.  The hero, “may choose willingly to undertake the quest or she may be dragged into it unwillingly” (50).
                                                             ii.      In TKR we see this when Amir _____________ .
                                                            iii.      This fits the archetype because_______________.
                                                           iv.      Harris and Thomson also state, “The Call can take many forms...[for example] the initiate wants to save or restore honor—her own, her family’s, or her country’s” (50).
                                                             v.      For Amir, this means______________.
                                                           vi.      As you can see, the character of Amir fits the archetype’s first step.

    1. Continue for the Eight Steps—Let’s walk through these and see if we can find quotes that apply to Amir’s journey (then you can use your page number notes from Tuesday or last week to match it up with the definition from Harris and Thompson).
                                                               i.      The Call
                                                             ii.      The Threshold (with guardians, helpers and mentor)
                                                            iii.      The Challenges
                                                           iv.      The Abyss
                                                             v.      The Revelation
                                                           vi.      The Atonement
                                                          vii.      The Return (with a Gift).
    1. NOTE: Some students have chosen to give all of the definitions up front-as a separate body paragraph just after the introduction.  Either way, the point is that the reader will not be familiar with the archetype and you’ll have to define each term so we can judge how well you fit the story into the definition.

  1. Rough Drafts due Monday.


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