Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 20

English 75 Summer 2011 Day 20

  1. Essays due tomorrow.  Bring intro and conclusions, too, for reading in class.
    1. Please, come on time and have your paper ready.
  2. Hand in bonus points.
  3. Points for Rubric—You decide.
  4. Scoring Essay One.
  5. Essay Two.
  6. Break.
  7. Works Cited.
                                                               i.      The Hero’s Journey: A Guide to Literature and Life
                                                             ii.      Reg Harris and Susan Thompson
                                                            iii.      Harris Communication
                                                           iv.      Napa, California
                                                             v.      Copyright 2005
  1. Third Essay Assignment:
    1. Overall structure
                                                               i.      Known world/Departure/The Call/Separation
1.       Helpers?  Guardians?
                                                             ii.      The Unknown/Initiation/Journey
1.       Challenges and Temptations
2.       Abyss
3.       Revelation
                                                            iii.      Arrival
1.       Atonement
2.       Return with Gift
    1. Checklist on structure.
    2. Handout on structure—beginning and endings.
    3. Characters
                                                               i.      Read
                                                             ii.      Checklist
                                                            iii.      Exercise if there’s time.

    1. Book


Blogger vchavez said...

Do we include the headings like we did on our seconds essay?

7:15 AM

Blogger gloria said...

i liked using the clicker to vote it was fun

11:28 AM

Blogger Arcelia said...

I liked voting on the essays about what we thought the scores should be using the clicker. I feel like by doing this it helps us correct and improve on the mistakes we have made on our own essays

11:54 AM

Blogger Armando Leyva said...

I'm wondering if our third essay is going to be written the same way as we wrote TKR essay. Or are we just telling our story.

8:34 PM

Blogger andrea said...

I need some extra help to make this essay really good any help???

10:08 PM

Blogger RyRog26 said...

Looking at some of the other essays made it easier to try and figure out how to integrate quotes from both The Hero's Journey and The Kite Runner. I guess sometimes it's easier to learn by visualizing.

10:45 AM

Blogger Carly said...

It helped looking at other essays and voting with the clickers was funn.

2:16 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Ohhhh the clickers....

4:18 PM

Blogger Zsalinas7 said...

I think the third essay is supposed to be written as a story. Since it's written on a journey.

7:26 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

I liked the class activity where we got to read two different essays and grade them together you a better idea of a structured essay

8:07 PM


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